Crowns & BridgeWorks

Before the era of implants, crown and bridgework was the best way to replace missing or partially missing teeth. It is still an excellent way to replace missing teeth for whatever reason implants cannot be used. By using the existing teeth as a base for the reconstruction with the bridgework or crowns we have been able to return the dentition to normal function and indeed normal appearance as well.

Crowns are single replacement units for a single damaged tooth. For example if a tooth is heavily damaged over the years through cracks and decay, a crown will be needed to reconstruct the tooth. This will involve the repair of the base (core or root) and the making of a customized crown for that tooth by different materials that can mimic the appearance or function of the tooth or both.

Metal crowns while unattractive in appearance is just about the most durable crown in the world of dentistry. It has its uses at the back of the mouth where appearances do not matter. Where appearance does matter we offer a hybrid crown made of a thin metal base and a covering of porcelain to mimic the appearance of a tooth. This has been the most common type of crown to date but a new all ceramic crown has been replacing the metal-porcelain crown where ultimate aesthetics matter especially for the front teeth. While not as strong as the metal-porcelain variety, they are improving year by year but so are costs.

Bridgework replaces missing teeth lost through previous extractions. They are constructed by incorporating two adjacent crowns to the gap/missing teeth and fusing them to the artificial replacement teeth into a single unit. Once fitted and cemented to one's teeth the bridge behaves much like there is no missing teeth. Of course the missing teeth being supported not by its own real roots but by borrowing or sharing with the strength of the adjacent teeth they are not as strong as real individual teeth. For that we offer Dental Implants.

However it is less costly than implants and does not involve any surgery which might appeal to those who are afraid of surgery. It is also relatively quick as one can have replacement teeth in a week or so. Implants usually require a few months of proper healing after any extraction before reconstruction is commenced. The bridge procedure however requires that at least two adjacent teeth be filed down to accommodate the two crowns that are the support for the rest of the bridge.

While many do not mind since the adjacent teeth may already be heavily refilled and damaged perhaps to the extent they are themselves candidates for crowning. This would be a great opportunity to utilize them as bridgework with little downside.

But if one has perfect teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, it would be better to also consider Dental Implants as a solution. Many patients find bridgework a good substitute for removable plastic dentures which though popular due to its low cost is never considered great in terms of function. As our society becomes more informed and affluent they seek better forms of Dental treatment like bridgework and implants.

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